16.5 Extra Wide Panoramic Rear View Mirror Fits Kubota RTV 900

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Product Description

Easy install! Great For Kubota RTV 900s with ROUND ROLL BARS! * 3.2′ tall x 16.5′ wide panoramic mirror face. * Curved to see everything behind you, without distraction, or multiple panels to look at! * Just look into the extra wide panoramic mirror and see everything behind you in one glance. * Easy to look into and see 150 degrees behind you. You can see just about everything behind both your left and right hand shoulders. * Easy to install with the provided bracket plate (heavy gauge steel) and two steel wrap around rubber grommet style clamps. * Durable mirror for all terrains. * This mirror pivots up and down with a high friction hinge rated for 1 million adjustments. * No side adjustments necessary because the panoramic mirror allows you to see 150 degrees behind you. * Will fit all round roll bars on the Kubota RTV 900 line. If you have a windshield or roof panel, please make sure that you have at least 1/8′ clearance for the wrap around metal clamps.


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